Simplicity is Success

Property Management Services

Often people find themselves with inherited real estate assets as a result of succession planning, and are not sure what to do with them, how to manage them, how to grow them, and how to get the ultimate performance from their assets.  With an eye toward helping families understand these complexities, Pennant Properties has a platform that can assist even the most fractured family ownerships and provide services to maintain and grow the portfolio, or assist different family members achieve their goals through divestiture or reinvestment.

In other circumstances, our clients simply need good and professional property management.  We keep it simple and straightforward and provide stable management of your assets.  Pennant Properties is partnered with highly professional and reliable vendors that can ensure your asset is protected and performing at its highest level.

We take pride in understanding the market where we ourselves and our clients are invested, and are constantly reviewing the highest and best uses for the subject properties.  As often as is practical, we meet with our clients to determine if a new approach is needed with their assets to maximize performance.  We have the know-how and partnerships in place to create new value by added entitlements, additional construction, creative financing, acquisition, exchange, or divestiture.

We are a California Department of Real Estate licensed broker and can assist with acquisition, leasing, and sales in-house.